Mission Statement

We, the members of the New Athens Police Department, are committed to being responsive to the community in the delivery of quality services.  Recongnizing our responsibility to maintain order, while affording dignity and respect to every individual, our objective is to improve the quality of life through a community partnership which promotes safe, secure neighborhoods.  Therefore, the goals of this department and its members are as follows:
  • To preserve life and property of all citizens and persons;
  • To serve the public and maintain human rights in all areas related to public safety and order;
  • To promote individual responsibility and community commitment;
  • To address all public safety problems areas identified in monthly reports, annual reports or special orders;
  • To enforce all Federal, State, County and Municipal laws within the corporate limits of New Athens, Illinois;
  • Address goals of this department as stated in the annual budget report;
  • Members of the department shall periodically advise the Chief of Police of problems and new ideas pertaining to the realization and identification of goals and objectives; and,
  • Each member of this department shall adere to the "Code of Ethics" and "Code of Conduct" as provided in this manual.
It is important for each department member to achieve the department's goals through dedication to thier accomplishments.
Each sworn officer shall take an oath of office to uphold the laws of the Constitution of the United States,State of Illinois, and Village of New Athens.